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Introducing Webcom a.s.

Since 1998, WEBCOM a.s. has been helping companies in a diverse range of sectors streamline their business processes through the use of IT platforms. WEBCOM has developed into a full-service ERP and CRM solutions firm, serving industries such as automotive, real estate, engineering, manufacturing and healthcare. The company focuses on Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and, most recently, Microsoft Dynamics 365. WEBCOM offers implementation and services, consulting, development, training, support, and personal requests.

WEBCOM long figured among the TOP 60 global Microsoft Dynamics partners and the TOP 3 Microsoft Dynamics solution providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Being a GOLD Enterprise Resource Planning Partner, it belongs to the group of Microsoft Dynamics partners with the highest competence in ERP domain.

The company builds on the following principles helping it attain the fixed business goals:

  • Fulfil the goals set for a customer and work constantly on improving work processes.
  • Fulfil the expectations of its staff.
  • Secure the achievement of required financial indicators (namely project profitability control).

The goal of the company is to permanently increase customer satisfaction through the supply of better solutions with higher added value. Solutions supplied by the company provide its customers with the following advantages, among others:

  • Reduction of costs.
  • Increase in revenue.
  • Creating competitive advantages.